• Maintaining mailing lists and designing emails for campaigns.

  • Protecting pre-release content and best practice for storing and sending music.

  • Support for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Apple Connect & Spotify for Artists.

  • Detection and removal of impersonation accounts on social media.


    I began building my reputation in the music industry through assisting Craig David and his management team, JEM Music Group. What started as designing Craig’s MySpace page and helping monitor his official fans forum has developed into being an extention to his team in my spare time for almost 15 years.

    I am an administrator on all of Craig’s social networks and play a role in all campaigns, keeping his official website up-to-date with news, shows and content as well as designing all emails sent from his mailing list.

    Throughout the creation process for the number one album ‘Following My Intuition’ I played a pivotal role in ensuring Craig’s music was protected when sending demos to managers, producers, labels and engineers and the album did not leak until release day. All of the social media was also handled by myself and the team at JEM as we did not have a social media company appointed during this campaign.

    As well as the above I am also heavily involved with Craig’s DJ brand TS5, performing the same tasks as I do for Craig/JEM and also updating Spotify playlists.